Saturday, October 07, 2006

A lot has happened since last time I wrote. First and foremost, I saw Jay-Z in concert last night. Me and three other volunteers coughed up the money to go and it was worth it. It was so much fun. It cost us over 1/3 of our monthly allowance, but I scrimped the first few months so I has some money saved. Like I said-worth it.

My birthday was fine. Nothing too big happening. The day before my birthday the Peace Corps had a celebration at the US Ambassador's residence to commemorate the 45th year of Peace Corps Ghana. President Kufour did come and give a brief speech. All of the PCV's dressed up and we had a wonderful time. It always feels weird to be in Accra, but to be in a beautiful house like that, with such security, felt very strange compared to my normal life. You just see things differently once you actually live in a rural area.

My project has also been going well. I am not sure if it's hitting the 1 year mark or not, but I just feel like things have sort of come together. One, I am more adjusted culturally so that makes life easier. I think you slowly become adjusted and when something bothers you or offends you, you learn with time how to handle the situation, most comfortably for you. A great example is when a stranger will propose. I was so uncomfortable at first. Now, I just laugh and make a big joke out of it. People seem to laugh also, and we move on. This is comfortable for me and gets me out of the situation. So-I'm more adjusted. Also, people are more adjusted to me. They're used to me being around. I am still there but my time is slowly running out, so people want to get busy. Our tourism committee is moving along, and I am so happy that our women's group is now going on their third meeting (tomorrow). It's not a lot of women but if it was one I'd still be happy. We're going to try to do a susu, which is where they all compile equal money and give small loans to eachother. It's very popular in rural, developing areas. I'm hoping it works out.

My time is running short today. Next week I'm headed to Techiman to assist with training the new PCT's on an HIV/AIDS presentation option. I'm SO excited to see my homestay family. I haven't seen them since I left Teachiman in December last year. It'll be a nice reunion. Well, take care. I will try to write again soon. I know this is a short post but something is better than nothing!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad to hear from ya and that you're doin' so well. i miss you and love you!

9:33 AM  
Blogger Mike Sheppard said...


I just came across your journal about your adventures in Ghana. I added a link to your page to a database I collected of Peace Corps Journals and blogs:

Worldwide Peace Corps Blog Directory:

If you know of any other volunteer journals and blogs Iā€™d be happy to add them to the database.

Thanks for volunteering with the Peace Corps!

-Mike Sheppard
RPCV / The Gambia (ā€™03-ā€™05)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

I am glad your birthday was great we were all thinking of you! Olivia and I were watching a show about Africa so I told her all about what you were doing and where you lived. She was very impressed. Take care,


6:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Glad you had a great birthday! A bunch of us went down to C'dale for Homecoming on October 7th and we were all talking about how much we MISS YOU!!!! I'm glad you're having fun (and I am totally jealous about the concert)...but, I can't wait til you come back and I can start talking to you every Sunday!

Take care..Love Ya!


12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done Sarah. I am from Ghana in the U.S now going through college in Atlanta. As a Ghanian, I am proud of people like you. I have known people from Peace Corps since nine years old back in eastern region.Once again well done.

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarah Beara,
Just got your letter yesterday!! Thank you so much for writing. You made me cry...I really miss you. I would love for you to come to Europe next. We will be here in Germany until April of '08. After that only God knows. Maybe back to the U.S. I just found that poetry journal you gave me for my 15th birthday, crazy how things have changed. You wrote the first entry, and you were talking about how time has flown by. Now look at us! I would love to see you again someday. We will have to keep in touch for sure this time. You are so blessed to be able to be in Africa and experience all the things that you have. I am sure that you have been a blessing to those that you have come in contact with. You are such a sweet wonderful person. You take care of yourself. I will continue to lift you up in prayer, that God will bless you, keep you safe, and bring you home soon. Love you & miss ya girl!!! Keep up the hard work.
Love, Christa

2:48 AM  

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