Saturday, June 10, 2006

I am currently at the Peace Corps office in Kumasi writing this on May 27th, at 1 in the morning, so barely Saturday. I like to write these out before going to the internet because I get a little anxious when I’m there and the clocks running.

Last time I wrote I was feeling a little blue and disturbed about some things. The next day, Monday, I went with Dixie to the Abrafo-Odumase chief instoolment. I am SO happy that I went. I went to Dixie’s house after doing some things around Cape Coast. We were instructed to wear blue and white so I wore a white button-up shirt I purchased (second-hand of course) and a blue and white two-yard that I have since had made into a skirt and top. I was ready to do this.

Abrafo is the village right before you get to the Kakum National Park Visitor Center and Canapy Walkway, so the road from Cape Coast to there is well traveled. This did not stop the hundreds of people from flowing into the street while the chief was being carried around, Cleopatra-style, on a palequin. There was a small brass band and everyone was dancing and singing in the street. It was amazing and so much fun. Dixie and I stood out of course, but no one paid too much attention to us, they were excited that we were dancing. After maybe two hours of being in the street, we settled down for the official ceremony which consisted of more dancing, singing and speeches. It was a successful and exhausting day.

Since then I have been doing a little work in the Junior Secondary School. The third term started so I’ve been trying to go to the school, especially when there are no other teachers. I’ve done English and Math with the students and have had some fun moments. When I first started going to the class there were no teachers around so we did some word finds on the board and the kids really enjoyed it.

I am happy to report that the new tree platform for our camping in the forest experience has finally made it to the forest. Now it just needs to be built, which will happen hopefully soon. The currently platform (think of a tree house thirty feet up) has been broken for some time but we finally got the material to our site. Once it was there we had to organize the journey into the forest to unload the material. This happened on a Sunday morning. It was a lot of fun but exhausting. It’s a 25 minute walk to the village that takes you to the forest, a 20 minutes walk from the village to the forest boundary and a 45 minute hike into the forest before you get to the platform. Combine this with carrying various measures of wood and by the end of it, you’re beat. Not to mention the water we had to hike through. Before we even got to the forest we had to walk through a huge puddle, the water was up to my upper thigh and I felt like I should just bend down and doggie paddle my way through it. The forest was also muddy and wet, but no one minded. The villagers were excited to get to the platform and everyone went up the ladder to get a view. The forest is restricted so most of the community members had never seen the tree platform. This was a big task and went off great. I am happy the material is there and we are waiting for the carpenters to come and put it together. I’m sure it will be soon (hopefully!).

That’s been the big news with my actual project lately. It’s slow going but is exciting when it happens. I’m tired so I’m going to sleep. Next time!

Okay, so now it's June and I'm in Accra at the PC office. Last night 33 new Peace Corps teachers came. We all went to the airport and welcomed them. It was SO fun and there's a guy from Eagle River! So, I made a sign with his name on it so that I could be sure to meet him, which I did. It was weird to be at the airport because almost nine months ago that was me. It seems like just yesterday (sometimes). They were all excited and clean. I'll head back to my site tomorrow and them at the end of the month head up north for an HIV/AIDS representative meeting. I am now the rep for Central Region. I'm excited because I enjoy the northern part of Ghana but don't get up there. This is a great time to go.

I am hoping to post pictures soon. I might try today but if not when I get home at the end of July I will surely do it. I'll also try to take more pictures because right now I don't have many of my village.

Hope every one is well. Take care!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have almost been gone a year! I miss talking to you very much...I'm not that great at keeping up with e-mail:) I do check your blog regularly and really enjoy hearing about your adventures! Love you, Sarah!


8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I love hearing your stories, nine months it doesn't seem that long. I was thinking of you the other day because there were advertisments for the cross country yard sales that you went on last year. It made me smile. This is my last week at work baby comes next week!! I can't wait to see pictures of your village.


9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,

I've enjoyed reading your reports. Small world meeting the guy from Eagle River! I just finished watching Ghana shock the Czech's in the world cup. Ghana's first ever win! I was wondering how big of an event it was near you; Did the people around you watch or even know of the game? Brin and Kyle are doing fine and Brin says Hi. We're headed to a Girl Scout ice-cream social today woohoo!

Take Care
uncle Dave

10:02 AM  

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