Friday, August 25, 2006

Okay, I'm back. Someday's I am still in shock that I made it back to Ghana.

America was wonderful. I had the best time visiting family and friends. I got choked up and teary eyed twice at the rehearsal for Dawn's wedding, but only a little teary-eyed once in the wedding. The people in my village have loved seeing the pictures of when I was home. They especially wanted to see what my mom and dad look like. They say everyone is beautiful and my brother is big.

Coming back to Ghana was difficult. In LAX there was a little confusion on my passport but everything was fine. (The lady wanted to know when my return flight, 2007?) The day prior to my departure there were problems with one of the runways at LAX but nothing the day I left. Then I flew to Heathrow, on Wednesday. The next day, Thursday, they had the terrorist scare. So, I came back in between two days that could have been trouble. I guess God was just letting me know it was time to come back. Honestly if there was any sort of problem getting back, I probably wouldn't have.

So, LAX was fine, once I was at Heathrow, I got a little, how to put it...scared. Then the man next to me on the plane to Accra was listening to his movies on full blast, without the headphones on his ears. I was annoyed because I was trying to watch the last movies for awhile and he kept interupted my personal viewing. I just thought "can i do this?"

Then the airport in Accra was fine, no problem with luggage or immigration. Then it started, the taxi drivers. Taxi drivers and tow truck drivers (Carbondale, IL) are my worst enemies. I didn't realize there was a taxi rink at the airport so I stood on the road and hailed a cab. We negotiated a price, he turned around and pulled over. Then as I'm trying to unload my backpack into the vehicle, he is yelling at me to get in fast. I am trying but my bags are heavy-he is yelling 'get in, get in, I'll get arrested!' I just took my time and was like 'oh, stop, no you won't.' Anyway, come to find out, he would get in trouble because he wasn't a sanctioned airport taxi. Woops. Anyway, as we were driving he started telling me that the price we decided was too low, I needed to add more. This is common here when you are foreign and really frustrated. I started to cry. Anyway, it worked out fine and he dropped me at the hotel. I spent a few days in Accra and then headed back to my site, where I was greeted warmly.

Things have been slow because school is out right now. So, most days I just hang out while everyone goes to farm. I've been reading again. I just finished A Blonde in Africa by Laura Resnick. My mom gave it to me before coming to Ghana and I could never get into reading it. Something about reading a book that takes place in Africa while living in Africa wasn't appealing. However, this book was wonderful. I underlined a lot of passages because she addressed a lot of the problems and frustrations that I too have felt or feel.

We threw a birthday party for Dixie last week. It was a lot of fun. I brought a Betty Crocker carrot cake with me and the cream cheese frosting. It was delicious. We had the party in Kumasi at the sub-office, which is a house so it has an oven and everything. It was a great time and I think Dixie enjoyed it.

I was so happy to see my cat when I got back. It looked anorexic though! I don't think she was eating while I was away. I felt really bad so I've been letting her sleep in the room at night and giving her a lot of fish. She did catch a mouse one night in my bedroom though. I think since I was gone they thought they could hang out and build a new home in my ashfoam (my mattress). When I did a thorough cleaning of my room my sheet was torn on the edges and a little hole was in the bottom of the mattress. The mouse is now gone and was eaten by the cat. A fellow PCV had a mouse village in her actual mattress when she was first at site. Luckily, I don't have a real mattress, so no problem, plus I have a cat who loves little mice. Needless to say the cat is slowly getting fat again.

Well, I miss America but I am pushing through. I am almost at my one year mark from leaving America. I can't believe it's in about a month! The new group comes right before my birthday, around the 23rd so I'll head to Accra to welcome them. It should be fun, but no black eye this time (last time a group came I ended up with a black eye, my first one ever).

Take care. I love hearing from everyone!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Missy, i miss you so much. you were just a joy to have around. i miss watching the stories with you know one else knows how to watch them like us. sounds like things are going okay for you. i'm happy you are finding things a good thing. i love the pictures you sent they were awesome. can't wait you hear form you again. please keep in touch once you move by to the states. do you know were you will be living or what you want to do. do you every hear from Marty? i will talk with you later. love you. Anne at AGD

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i will be part of that group coming this september. ive learned a lot from your blog. thank you.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are awesome! I loved your pictures and cannot believe you wake up in the morning and see elephants and monkeys how surreal. Sara Hicks and I were just talking about you this week, we miss you. Take care.

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BLACK EYE?? i musta missed that story!! i miss you terribly!!

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

uh...that last comment was from MAJA!!!!

10:38 AM  

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