Friday, October 19, 2007

I was at the internet cafe yesterday and I spent half an hour trying to do stuff online, none of which worked, including this blog. Most of the day had been frustrating. However, that is usually altered by someone, often my favorite guy in Cape Coast that sells Fan-ice (this really delicious frozen product, my favorite tastes like frozen grade school chocolate milk). So, I can't help but smile when the Fan-ice guy sees me because he gets excited - he knows I'll buy one.

Recently I was looking over my journals from the past two years. I didn't get very far but there was a theme early on (and throughout I'm sure) - 'Can I do this?' It feels good to know that I did do it. It wasn't always easy and to be honest, I'm pretty tired. It was worth it and it was an incredible experience. Here are some fun facts about the two years:

1422 Pictures taken
108 weeks in Ghana
101 books read
52 letters sent
26 new moons
17 shots received
9 (of 10) regions in Ghana visited
5 Tumbo flies removed
4 journals written
3 cat litters delivered
3 birthdays
3 beans grown and eaten (from my unsuccessful garden)
2 Christmas's
1 1/2 bottles of shampoo used
1 haircut in Ghana (and 1 in America last summer)
1 total solar eclipse
A few minor (okay maybe major) breakdowns
An infinite amount of laughter and memories


Blogger Shawn said...


These kinds of things are always cool to know. 1400+ pics wow that's crazy. I'm a horrible picture taker. I'd probably have 8. Possibly 10.

Have a great day!

1:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,

You are amazing I could not do what you have done the past year and a half. I am totally envious of all the life changing things you have seen and done just think of the wonderful memories you will have.


9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make me smile my friend.
Here's one for you:
1 word: describe my awesome friend Sarah!
Hope to see you again soon!

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so inspiring! It's such a relief to know you found your time in Ghana valuable. Keep up all the good work that you do.
Best wishes,
Sara Hicks

8:38 AM  

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