Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I can't believe there are only five/six months left of my PC service! At times the time has gone by so fast and other times so slow.

We recently had tour guide training. I worked with the old, experienced tour guide to develop the material for the training and with his help, successfully trained three new tour guides. It was a lot of fun to work with Abban (the old guide) and with the three new guides. We had a rough start; the first two times we "planned" to meet, no one showed up. They made up for it by being committed for the next eight or so sessions. On our last "working" day I set up a Jeopardy type game. At first the guys didn't really understand but they got the hang of it fast, and had a lot of fun. The last official day was a small party (Cokes and meat pies, along with certificates). Once again, I waited for an hour and a half and no one came. As soon as I set off for my house, one of the guides came and told me that they decided that I was too tired to have the meeting. I wish they would have told me that I was too tired, so I wouldn't have waited. We met the next day and had a nice time. There are always cultural things that I just don't know so it's best to appoint a Ghanaian to be the host of the party. My friend James did that job and good thing because every one was asked to give little speeches, something I would not and did not plan for.

I am hoping to take a trip to Mali in July. I still have vacation days I can take out-of-country. Once we get back from our trip I'll have our Close of Service (COS) conference. Then we'll be into August. Time is going by fast.

Nothing else is really happening. Katie, my friend and fellow PCV in Cape Coast, is leaving in about a month. Patrick is just a few weeks after that. It will be strange to come to Cape Coast and not meet or see them. Katie and I always meet and have lunch when we can. We also like laying on her bed and looking at old People magazines. I've looked at the same ones a million times but it's still fun. It feels "normal."

Hopefully I'll write again soon. I am having a "vision quest" volunteer in two weeks. It will be a new volunteer from the teacher group. She'll have been in country for only five days or so when she comes to my site. I'm really excited to host someone. She'll be there for a few days and then head up to Techiman for training. I can fully remember how scared and shocked I was on my Vision Quest. I started crying as soon as I reached the community where I was staying. Everything was so new and overwhelming.

It's nice to see things coming full circle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always lovely to hear from you! Have a blast in Mali! And try to post some new pics soon!! love you and miss you!

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Wow, That is funny that they are telling you when you are tired and here in American all Americans do is tell everyone else how busy and tired they are. HA HA :)

Have fun in Mali!


12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Missy i can't belive you are almost coming home. i'm happy you made it. i will see you soon, i hope. i know you have a lot to talk about. have lots of fun in mali. let me know when you are state side. love ya and i'm so proud of you. anne at agd.

12:23 PM  

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