Thursday, May 03, 2007

I have been reading a lot lately and feel like I have a new narrator in my head. It's making me want to blog more.

The other day I was eating dinner at Mame Komfo's house with two of the teachers and the gong-gong beater came around (town criar). I noticed that it was a different person than usual. Abe-ka, the normal gong-gong beater, who is an old man who walks with a stick and has a very quiet voice, which really isn't that great for getting the announcements to everyone, wasn't doing it. In fact, it was Okyer (ky pronounced like ch) who does have a very loud voice. These were the announcements:
It was time to collect your sheep and goats and put them away for the evening. If they were caught you were going to have to pay 20,000 cedis per animal.

Bra Akwa (he owns a spot - place to buy alcohal, cokes, and various food) wanted his coke bottles back. Some people have had the bottles for two or three months and he was requesting their return. (Soda is served in 300 ml glass bottles)

Another man was making the announcement that people should stop going to his pepper farm and plucking his pepper. If they didn't stop they would face the consequences.

That's the big news around my village. Thought I would pass it along. Take care!


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that is funny:)


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